A gift for advertising or corporate is incomplete if it lacks the customization of the item with your business’ logo. Some common techniques of printing gifts are silkscreen printing, pad printing, laser engraving, UV printing and heat transfer printing.
pad-printing-Silkscreen Printing & Pad Printing Silkscreen printing is a technique of printing which is most common and was started long ago by utilizing cloth mesh or ink and silk. It is mainly utilized in printing a huge range of materials and normally used on level surfaces and it can be printed up to 4 solid colours. It produces vivid colour printing on large corporate gift items like non woven bag, memo pad and apparel. Pad printing using similar technique with a sponge alike material moulded with the logo and transfer the ink onto the printed surface. It is most suitable for tiny surface and non flat surface like plastic pen, key holders and pen drive.
laser-engravingLaser Engraving: Laser engraving or laser etching utilized powerful light for marking or etching on an intended surface. The extremely strong laser burns the premium gift’s exterior and leaves a logo which is very lasting on the item. Mainly, laser etching is effective on surfaces of wood or metal and is not appropriate for plastic or materials that are susceptible to heat. Laser engraving is permanent branding method and it is especially popular for metal thumb drive and metal pen with personalized logo. The end result of the engraved surface has no colours and it is the base colours of the engraved surface.
SpotUVCoatingExampleUV Printing UV printing is a technique which is moderately new; it applies ink through digital printing without requiring a mesh, mould or printing dye. In comparison to pad or silkscreen print which prints a single colour, UV printing prints complete full colour printing on the items. UV Printing is only able to print on surfaces that are totally level and on tough materials like metal, plastics and wood . This printing method is very popular for promotional gifts like credit card shape pen drive and power bank.
heat transfer printingHeat Transfer PrintingHeat transfer printing is known as thermal-wax transfer, thermal printing and thermal transfer printing also and utilizes heat to move a picture from wax to an item. Printing techniques which are thermal based function with pictures that are previously printed on one wax sheet or create pictures printed on the spot, formed by coating wax dye on an item. Heat transfer printing is able to restore or add substitute printing techniques.
Embossing & Debossing embossed wristbandEmbossing is a technique of customizing gifts and is normally utilized on pliable exteriors like leather and PU. An imprinted metal mould is used and heat is imprinted on the item as it presents a hollow end product. Items that are most common which we provide utilizing these techniques are notebooks and diaries manufactured from PU Leather.
embroidery-logo-on-shirt-and-capEmbroidery StitchingEmbroidery is a sewing procedure which is very fast paced which sews designs and logos straight on material such as towels, t-shirts and attire. Embroidery is a technique which is a favourite in regard to customization of these corporate gifts as they are wash-resistant and extremely long-lasting even following continuous washes.
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