There are many ways to advertise your business, some more effective – and expensive – than others. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep pace with bigger competitors in your market place, but there are affordable ways to get your message across to grow and strengthen your brand image. Outdoor banner printing is an economical option as part of your marketing strategy. Advertising banners can be highly effective when used correctly.

Here are some things to consider when planning your outdoor advertising campaign:

Research what works for your competitors

In any aspect of business, market research is always a worthwhile activity. Whilst knowing what your competition is doing doesn’t, in itself, get your company noticed, it does act as important information in deciding your own marketing strategy. Identifying what works for your competitors – and, just as importantly – what doesn’t work for them, will help you shape how you want your outdoor advertising campaign to run. A laptop dealer in Nigeria for instance may browse to find out what other big nmes in the industry has produced

Keep your design simple and relay your messages quickly

Advertising banners have around ten seconds to make an impact on those that pass it – so the quicker you can relay your message the better. Keep the banner content short and succinct – striking graphics and imagery will grab attention initially and supplement this with a strong, short tagline or text to get your message across.

Grab attention with bold colours

A strong colour will grab attention – so use bold colours, but make sure they are relevant for the content. Use the colours that are associated with your brand identity and are instantly recognisable as you!

Humour will make your message resonate for longer

How many times have you passed a business, or shop sign, and thought “that’s clever”? Clever wordplay, or humour, will always get attention – if your banner makes people think then it will resonate longer with them. A simple joke, or pun, will grab attention – but remember to keep it simple – a joke people can’t understand has no impact at all!

Location of your banner makes all the difference

The placement of any outdoor banners for business is paramount – the whole point of outdoor banner printing is to attract attention to your business, so the location of your banner makes all the difference. Ensure you locate your banners in high traffic areas – it may cost a little more, and you’ll likely be competing with other businesses in the same space, but the chances of your banner being seen will be increased.

As well as high traffic areas, consider some ‘unorthodox’ banner placement – bridges, pavements and the like – there’s no direct competition for space there, and the unusual placement can take people by surprise and, therefore, get your banner noticed!

Place banners in multiple locations

It may seem an obvious statement but, the more places you advertise, the more business you are likely to generate! Outdoor banner printing needn’t be expensive – you can easily source cheap outdoor banners, so get more than one banner printed and supplement the image and message content of the banners with other types of advertising such as stickers, flyers and pavement signs.


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