Rubber stamps are important business tools for any company. They communicate essential information about the company to customers. Also, there is the issue of the quality of impressions that stamps make. The impression made by a rubber stamp should be clear; you do not want people guessing your company’s contacts because of poor clarity. To solve this predicament- companies, businesses and insurance companies in Singapore are resorting to self-inking stamps. Interestingly, a self-inking stamp in Singapore isn’t hard to find. There are various companies who engage in making them.

Self-inking stamps have the following advantages;

• Self-inking stamps can be refilled more than ten times.

• Self-inking stamps make sharper and clearer impressions.

• The stamps can make more than 1000 impressions.

• They are portable.

Despite self-inking stamps making 1000 impressions per refill, there are several factors that influence how many impressions these stamps can make. It is important to understand these factors so as to answer the question, how many impressions can rubber stamps make? These factors include,

1. Ink coverage; this represents the amount of ink an impression can take from an ink pad. This is influenced by the stamping design you are using. This depends on the boldness of the letters used. If a company uses bold and large letters on an impression it will use up more ink than a company that uses medium ink or outlined.

2. The material used; the material used also determines the number of impressions a rubber stamp can make. Absorbent materials leave less ink point on the stamp because they tend to “sip” the ink on the stamp. This implies that when the stamp makes the subsequent impressions, there is less and less ink on the area you are stamping.

3. Operating temperature; this is a key factor that affects the number of impressions a rubber stamp will make. In very warm conditions, ink evaporates- meaning they will make fewer impressions. In cooler temperatures, they will make more impressions because the ink will not evaporate. If you want your self-inking rubber stamp to make as many impressions as it could, it is advisable that you store it someplace cool and shady.

4. Type of ink used on the rubber stamp; ink type will also determine the number of impressions the rubber stamp will make. Solvent based inks will dry faster meaning when used to make impressions the impressions will not be long lasting. However, water-based inks remain moist for longer provided that the documents stored are stored in the right way away from direct sunlight.

5. Mode of use; some companies prefer to press the rubber stamps on the stamping material. This means they will use up more ink in the process. Companies who use the rubber stamps lightly are bound to make more impressions with it. The number of impressions a rubber stamp can make depends on the above factors. It is advisable for companies in Nigeria to obtain self-inking rubber stamps as they make more impressions (as much as 1000 impressions) than their counterparts. Rubber stamp impressions communicate a lot about a company, SME or a business to customers.