Company stamp (company seal) — used to validate official documents, like contracts, certificates, deeds, etc. Company seals contain the name and registration number of the company. Your company secretary is in charge of keeping and using it.

Companies usually apply seals in the following scenarios:

  • To validate a document that needs to be executed as a deed (as opposed to a simple contract)
  • Corporate documents such as share certificates
  • To communicate information required by law on the documents. The Companies Act requires the company’s registration number to be legible on all kinds of documents. You may use a letterhead or a stamp containing this data.

What is the difference of a document with or without company stamp?

Historically, company seal was important to validate the documents and support their authenticity. The seal on paper signified company’s commitment to the contract or act. The documents signed by directors alone could be subject to legal interpretation as the act or deed carried out by the individual on behalf of the company. Nowadays the corporate seals lose the importance that was once attributed to them